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Ask the Rabbis – Morning Midrash

Ask the Rabbis…

Rabbi Yitzchak
Rabbi Aaron
Rabbi Aaron

Join Rabbi Yitzchak and Rabbi Aaron online for our Wednesday morning Midrash on the Torah Parahot as well as discussions on the many questions that called-out believers have regarding God, Torah, Moshiach, and many other topics of interest!

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  1. Thank you for your teaching, my husband and I live on the isle of Lewis, in the Scottish Hebrides. We have a question. Will there be animal sacrifices in the Messianic Kingdom and what is the purpose?
    Thanks so much, Rebekah

    • Shalom Rebecca… thank you for your comment and question. Zechariah 14 as well as the Prophet Ezekiel speak of sacrifices in the Messianic age (Millennial Kingdom) and the purpose will be that we understand every aspect of the Divine plan of Salvation and Redemption hidden in type and symbols throughout the Temple service. After the 1000 year millennium when the Torah of love is completely written upon our hearts sin and death will be no more and there will be no more need for sacrifices in a perfect eternity.

      Hope this helps! Please feel free to share any of the teaching with you family and friends as well to help spread Abba’s eternal truths in the Spirit of love! Feel free to write any time at and I will look forward to keeping in touch! Blessings and ahavah!

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