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Guest Speaker: Mark Byrd from Torah One New Man Ministries

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Mark Byrd and his wife Cindy from Torah One New Man Ministries are coming to Wenatchee, Washington! Mark Byrd is a coordinator with the Commonwealth of Israel along with Rabbi Isaac and is organizing the coming Conference about the reconciliation and restoration of the two houses of Israel in Phonix, AZ in February!

Invite all your family and friends to come hear him share his special message at the Assembly of Called-Out Believers this coming Saturday, August 18th at 10 a.m!

The message of the Bible is all about reconciliation, first, God to man by the redemption through Yeshua and then man to man through His agape love. We are called to be ambassadors in this reconciliation process. (2 Corinthians 5:20) The Bible states that Jew and Gentile will come together as “one new man” (Ephesians 2:15) and abolish the wall of hostility between them. It is about the love of God manifesting in and among us during these last days of this age to become a family of the One True God. Unity among the brethren is required to bring the anointing and fire of God (Psalm 133). Father God wants reconciliation to take place all around the world and this is exactly what Torah One New Man Global Ministries is all about.  To Learn more visit his web site at

Mark and his ministry have a beautiful Mission Statement summing up their vision and calling:

Our vision is to help usher in the coming of Messiah Ben David and to welcome the King to rule and reign from His throne in Jerusalem.

How can we do this? Through our study of Torah and Scriptures, we help Gentiles to gain greater revelation by sharing the Hebraic mindset in the Hebrew Scriptures. This has been hidden in the many different transliterations for so long. However, many Christian churches are embracing the Jewish calendar, feasts and festivals, names of God, and Torah to understand God’s cycles, timing and seasons.

Daniels 12:4 states; “But you, Daniel, close up the words and seal the book until the time of the end. Many will run back and forth and knowledge will increase”. Now is the time to take a deeper look at the Scriptures so that we can each do our part to reveal His word.

Bringing the Hebrew Scriptures into your life will help draw in God’s chosen people. Living acts of loving kindness and service will prove to His chosen people that His Word is alive and well today.

It is our desire at Torah One New Man to share Adonai’s heart of love with everyone!



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