Shabbat Worship Services

Come join us for Shabbat worship and study and prayer!  Services every Saturday at 10am.  Free lunch after at noon for all and then a very enjoyable group study on the Dead Sea Scrolls from 1pm – 2:30pm!

Blessing over the children
Aaronic Priestly Blessing over the children each week!


  1. Brother Isaac thank you for the beautiful studies like the one of the moon and the importance of YHVH’s solemnities! I enjoyed it this morning and I am amazed how it is that there is only for the true Israelite such understanding Psal.147:20 Lamen.2:6 Shabbat Shalom

  2. I am a new believer . I plead with the Lord for the truth and He led me to your YouTube videos. You have been such a blessing to me in learning Torah. Thank you for your courage in sharing the way you do. I have many questions…

  3. Good afternoon, I thank you for your services. I have just watched the 3 vidoes up to the Millenium. I want to learn more. I will watch the page from now on so I can learn how to keep the Torah and the Sabbath. I have the eth Cepher and I am going to buy some more from there, ‘the Besorah’ and ‘Paschat’,(I think) because I want to learn how and what I have to do. Thanking you Donna, From Australia.

  4. Please I do not understand why I cannot receive Shabbat service live anymore it has been a while and I am just beside myself as to what the problem is can you help????

  5. We are being Christians for the last 40 years,but after we went to Israel trip this past summer,our live being change .We are seeking Elohim will and we find a messianic congregation and for the last months we are visiting and learning what is this about and same time we find you. We want to learn more about it. We are being celebrated sukot and Hanukkah. We like learned more Jesus or messiah. How we can learn about it. Thank you very much Flores family

  6. Bless Yahweh, bless Yeshua Ha Messhiach, bless the Ruach Ha Kadesh, and bless your humble assembly, I really enjoy the youtube videos. I live in North Carolina, or I would love to come and worship with all of you, I have always wondered why the bible is not taught the way it is read, and I am so glad Yahweh made your assembly possible for me to kind of join in on youtube. Thank you , and may Yahweh always bless you and yours. I am praying that the wonder working power of Yahweh and His Son would let this assembly come to my area in Hickory NC as a permanent place to worship. I believe in His miracles and I believe if we pray for it, we agree for it, that Yahweh will do it; nothing is too hard for Yahweh, so that we can give Him all the praise and glory due unto His name and teach others the way to Praise Him. Amen and Amen

    • Hi Janet
      I am Suzanne n I live half the year in the greater Charlotte area. ( mint Hill)
      I am not of Facebook. So I can’t see the Sabbaths teachings
      . I really enjoy n am moved by rabbi Isaac too n I will start including you in my prayers. I too am seeking in my heart to find real trustworthy assembly for my Shabbat Family.
      Shabbat Shalom
      Suzanne Beaudoin
      Mint Hill NC – May – November.

  7. I do not watche the live Shabbat services, but I have the archive messages for almost 2 years now and I write and make notes and add for the next year. I am excited about what you teach Isaac, and I tell everyone about calledoutbelievers. I was turned on to you because I purchased a cepher, and then became a Canadian distributor. I love how easy and understandable you make the lessons and how much is added each year by revelation of Adonai. Thank you so much.

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