Benefits of joining the Woman’s Ministry:

Women speak a woman’s language. All women don’t communicate the same way, but there are some consistencies that help us speak and listen to women in ways many men don’t understand. Sometimes we don’t want someone to fix a situation. We want to talk . . . and talk and talk. We notice cues and details. We want someone to pat our back and pass the tissue. We want time. And then we need to move on. Women will let women talk but will also tell a friend when it’s time to put on the big girl panties and move on.

Women know a woman’s danger zones. Because we like to talk, we can also thrive on sharing information that shouldn’t be shared. Yes, we gossip. We know it’s a problem, and we especially need to call each other out when we’re gathering together as a community of Christ followers. We’re more likely to confront each other when we have the safety of other women, because we don’t want to be judged by men.

Sure, women can hurt our feelings, and that’s another danger zone: getting hurt and holding it in or talking behind someone’s back. But because we know it’s a danger zone, and we notice the details of what’s going on with women around us, we’ll call each other out more readily when we’re together.

Women share woman stuff with women. We might not share something intimate every time we’re together, but we’re much more likely to talk about miscarriages, rape, abuse, pregnancy, sex, menopause, and mammograms in a group of women. Be honest . . . how many men really want to hear all the details?

Women need to be called by name. Not every woman is in a relationship, and when she’s only in mixed-gender groups, she can feel incomplete. When a woman’s husband dies, she might feel comforted by being in the same group of couples, but she also might be in such pain that she slips away to ease the heartache. Even those who are married and absolutely love their husbands can benefit from stepping from underneath his umbrella every now and then.