talmud torah class

Midweek Jewish History and Literature Class

Are you ready to study Torah on a deeper level?

Talmud Torah

Join us as we join the sages through the ages in the art of explicating the whole Torah and our teachers understanding of it passed down through the ages. You will have a whole new look at the whole Torah and be able to take away inspiration to understand the scriptures on a whole new level!

The objective of this course is to explore core elements of Jewish thought, literature and practice.  Our peoples history spans 4000 years. You can fill up libraries with its literature. Its practices are more vast and complex than perhaps any other society. They are as vast and complex as life itself. So to think we will cover it in one short course is not a very Jewish thought, so we are taking the next 6 months to explore just the beginning.

In this course we will be studying the Written Torah, The History of the Sages and the Oral instruction on the Torah passed down, getting more family with 5500 years of Hebrew literature which is the core to our faith and peoples history, and finally seek how to apply the values today in our individual lives!

Every Tuesday from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. in Wenatchee, Washington… Sign up today and we will send you the location.



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