More Attacks on Israel:

Missiles launched into northern Israel from Lebanon. IDF retaliates on area where missiles were launched from. Hezbollah claims responsibility.

Engineered Depopulation:

C*vid cases highest in Israel and most of the sick in hospitals are those who have been FULLY VACCINATED according to Executives in the Hospitals.

Dr Charles Hoffe took blood samples from all his vaccinated patients one week after injection. 62% came back with microscopic blood clots that would potentially develop into serious condition dictions within 3 years. None of this is being reported for people to make an informed decision.

See Dr. Zelenko Speak Bluntly to Israeli Rabbinic Court in video below!

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New Word Order Control Mechanisms:

Green Pass:

Israel Government issues new mandates for Tyrannical Green Pass ( Vac*ine Pass_port ) and NEW lockdown restrictions pushing the country into medical apartheid and medical tyranny.
New restrictions will be enforced starting from Sunday, August 8, and will include outdoor mask-wearing, work from home directives, and fines for quarantine violators.

3,000 new cases / day for a few day’s

The restrictions, which will be enforced starting from Sunday, August 8, are as follows:

Mask mandates:

It will once again be required of people to wear a mask outdoors when in a crowd of 100 people or more, in a first since the original outdoor mask mandate was lifted in April of this year.

Masks will not be required for children under the age of seven, people with a disability-related exemption, or people engaging in sports activities.

Quarantine rules:

In the case of a child under the age of 12 coming into contact with a coronavirus patient, their primary care-giver must enter into quarantine with them, even if they are vaccinated.

Any parent with a child under the age of 12 who is found to have prevented their child from performing a coronavirus test or from entering quarantine will be charged a fine of 3,500 NIS. ( $1,100 )

A 5,000 NIS ( $1,500 ) fine will be given to anyone found to be violating quarantine orders, and steps are being taken to properly enforce this directive.

Coronavirus tests:

Starting on August 8, any unvaccinated person (who has the option to receive the vaccine but chooses not to) who wishes to take a coronavirus test will be required to pay for it themselves. The cost of tests will continue to be covered for all vaccinated people and those unable to receive the vaccine.

Green pass restrictions:

The green pass restrictions will once again be expanded to include all public spaces including cultural and sporting events, gyms, restaurants and dining rooms, conferences, tourist attractions, and PLACES OF WORSHIP.

The rules will apply even when there are less than 100 people present.

The happy badge:

The happy badge restrictions, designed specifically to allow indoor events to take place in a safe manner, will be valid for sporting and cultural events and shows. The badge allows entry of vaccinated and recovered individuals, as well as people with negative test results, into events with over 100 participants.

Under the happy badge outline, masks remain compulsory at all times besides when the wearer is eating or drinking.



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