Sermons on Genesis

Jacob blesses Ephraim and Menassah 2

#12 Torah Parashah Vayechi

The parashah tells of Jacob’s request for burial in Canaan, Jacob’s blessing of Joseph’s sons Ephraim and Manasseh, Jacob’s blessing of his sons, Jacob’s death and burial, and Joseph’s death.  Learn the symbolism of the different tribes from Jacobs blessing and how it prophetically hints at their futures! Teaching For Shabbat of December 22, 2018 (Donate and support this Ministry by clicking here) Torah: Genesis 47:28-50:26…

Joseph brothers reunited

#11 Torah Parashah Vayigash

Learn the symbolism of Joseph and Benjamin and Judah as different aspects of Messiah’s mission!  In this parashah, we see the reoccuring theme of intercession as Judah interceeds on behalf of his brother Benjamin, Joseph reveals himself to his brothers and then interceeds to Pharoah for land in Goshen for his family coming from Canaan.  Jacob comes down to Egypt, and Joseph’s…

Torah Parashah Mikketz

#10 Torah Parashah Mikketz

Learn the symbolism of Joseph and Benjamin as different aspects of Messiah and the correlation with Joseph being brought forth from the pit (on Rosh Hashana/Yom Teruah/Day of Trumpeting) and those who will be brought forth from the pit of Death when Messiah comes on a future Day of Trumpeting! Contemplate the lessons for us in needing to have discernment and wisdom like Joseph to prepare for the coming famine (both Spiritual and Physical) and be a blessing to not only our families but all that God brings to us!

#8 Torah Parashah Vayishlach

Learn the symbolism of Ya’akov wrestling with God against the “self” and overcoming and receiving a new name in contrast to Esau who only suppressed his bitterness and thus carried it down though his lineage and the ages. Teaching For Shabbat of November 24, 2018 (Donate and support this Ministry by clicking here) Torah: Genesis 32:4-36:43 Haftarah: Obadiah 1:1-21…

#7 Torah Parashah Vayetze

Learn the secrets and symbolism of Jacob’s Ladder and how it relates to us today and even plays a part in understanding end-time prophecy! Teaching For Shabbat of November 17, 2018 (Donate and support this Ministry by clicking here) Torah: Genesis 28:10-32:3 Haftarah: Malachi 1:1-2:7 Vayetzei (וַיֵּצֵא‎) — Hebrew for “and he left,” is the seventh weekly Torah portion (פָּרָשָׁה‎, parashah) in the…


#4 Torah Parasha Vayeira

Learn from Rabbi Isaac about how God “appears” and manifests Himself in different ways in this parashah of Vayeira and how this Torah Parashah reveals God’s character of “Tzedakah” (charity) as well as his justice in “mishaptim” (i.e. his Judgements).  Come to understand the lessons for our spriitual growth in the stories of Abraham’s three visitors and Abraham’s…

Lech Lecha

#3 Torah Parashah Lech Lecha

Realize God’s calling for yourself as you learn about where God was calling Abram out from in this week’s Torah portion Lech Lekha!  The parashah tells the stories of God’s calling of Abram (who would become Abraham) from his idolatrous land and to the Promised land where God’s name dwells.  We also learn about how God blesses Abram with…