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Two Sticks Roundtable Radio Show (10 Episodes)

The Two Sticks Round Table Radio Show is hosted by Gene Porter, Isaac Heckman and John Boyd who discuss the current great awakening happening with the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel while addressing the different topics pertaining to their return to Torah!

12 Episodes for 12 Tribes of Israel! Enjoy!

Episode 1 “Overview of the Two Sticks… Israel and Judah”
Episode 2 “History of the Two Houses up to this Great Awakening”
Episode 3 “Understanding Replacement Theology”
Episode 4 “Understanding One New Man”
Episode 5 “The Gospel of the Kingdom”
Episode 6 “Paul and the Two Sticks””
Episode 7 “Did Yeshua create a new Religion called Christianity?”
Episode 8 “Understanding Covenant!”
Episode 9 “Holy Days for a Holy People”
Episode 10 “Prophetic Miracles about the Whole house of Israel!”

Episode 11 “Differences between Israel and the Church!”

Episode 12 “Finding Common Ground in Areas of Conflict!”

Episode 13 “Romans 11 and What it Really Means to be Grafted into Israel”

Past Archived Radio Shows

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Messianic Lamb Radio – Only Visiting this Planet

03/23/2017 – Mark David Smith, Susan Hooge, Rabbi Isaac, Pastor Jonathan Dade, and Author of The Rainbow Language – David Matthews (Unfortunately No longer Archived)

Messianic Lamb Radio

Blog Talk Radio – 2730 Years and Counting

Gene Porter Radio

04/13/2017 – Part of a four panel group discussing the various issues that we will need to work on in the process of reconciling the two houses.  Gene Porter, Ken Rank, Rabbi Isaac, Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler and Rabbi Avraham Feld

06/08/2017 – The 2017 COI Reconciliation Conference took place at the Cinemateque in Jerusalem from May 21 through May 23.  It was a very special meeting to accomplish a very special thing — a start on the path of reunification for Judah and Ephraim.  What is this all about, you ask?  Listen as a panel of four participants discusses the plusses and minuses of this year’s meeting. Gene Porter, Stephen Spykerman, Rabbi Isaac, and Rabbi Aaron Postman

07/20/2018 – Personal interview with Gene Porter…