It is our privilege to be called to help facilitate Yah’s peoples exodus out of the false Babylonian system that permeates every aspect of our existence today and secretly re-enslaving God’s people He has already delivered!  Revelation 18:4 calls to all God’s people in a loving warning saying, “Come out of her My people, so that you do not participate in her sins and receive not of her plagues.”  Which is to say that if one chooses to stay in the false Babylon system they WILL end up participating in her sins and unnecessarily receive of the plagues coming upon the false system of the World and all who follow the false Beast system controlling Governments, Religions, Education and Economics!

Different ways the “false system” of Babylon tries to own you, control you and enslave you…


  • From Birth: Changing your status from a Living Person and free inhabitant of the Land (as a State National) to a lower slave status of “Citizen” allows them to put you under their “Statutes, Codes, and Mandates”. (Parents gave you away unknowingly at birth – Birth Certificate lists parents as “Informants”)
  • Military: (You give yourself away and become Government Property)
  • Marriage: (You remove God from the “Covenant Marriage” and replace with Government in a “Marriage Contract/License” with the State.


  • Education system: Mental Indoctrination from Government rather then Parents
  • TV Programming: Brainwashing mechanism “programming” the minds of men.

Physically and Spiritually:


  • The Debt you sign pledges you and your body/life and thereby “enslaves” you.
  • The Coming Centralized Bank Digital Currency: CBDC


  • Fear: Media misinformation and indoctrination “fear mongering” which hypnotizes, paralyzes and thereby enslaves a person.  Fear of an invisible enemy i.e. terror“ist”, aliens, wars and rumors of wars , etc.
  • Penalties and Punishments for not obeying the “false systems” statutes, codes and mandates. (Read “The Process of Persecution” study)


  • Man made religious “Authorities” – telling people to acquiesce to Government mandates.
  • Doctrinal fear teaching people not to question authority.


Think about the above areas of your life and how you can “come out” as soon as possible before it is to late!  Contact us for more info or guidance in this process by emailing us today!

We hope this Special Ministry blesses you in your spiritual understanding and growth in Coming out of Babylon!

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