Now you can order a 1TB external hard-drive with all of our teachings, and hundreds of praise and worship songs by supporting the Assembly of Called-Out Believers with a donation of $2h49.99 or more which also includes tax and shipping! Great for also sharing with others without internet!

Simply ORDER HERE and click the send button to donate, writing “hard-drive” in the message box with your address of where to send it to!

Here you will find many categorized folders containing hundreds of hours of deep spiritual teachings, a folder with the whole Torah being read in Hebrew,  as well as a bonus folder of hundreds of beautiful praise and worship songs and PDF downloads as our way of saying “Thank  you” for supporting the Assembly of Called-Out Believers and our worldwide work of taking Torah to the Nations!

Overview of the different folders and items

The Folders on this external hard-drive are organized as follows:

#1 Video Folder – Weekly Torah Parashah Video Studies
#2 Video Folder – Weekly Haftarah Parallels to the Torah from the Prophets 
#3 Video Folder – Understanding the Scriptures with a Hebraic Mindset
#4 Video Folder – Understanding the Holy Days & Appointed Times of Yah
#5 Video Folder – Understanding End Time Prophecy 
#6 Video Folder – Understanding the Two Houses of Israel and Judah 
#7 Video Folder – Topical Studies Exploring Spiritual Principles 
#8 Video Folder – Blessings and Prayers 
#9 Audio Folder – The Whole Torah read in Hebrew 
#10 Audio Folder – Messianic Praise and Worship Music 
#11 PDF Bonus Folder – Helpful resources
#12 Friday Night – Erev Shabbat Kiddush guide
#13 Other misc. videos
#14 Pictures and logos

Note: Some are using the videos for their own private studies and others are using them to help set up home fellowships where others can learn as an extension of the Assembly of Called-Out Believers and even some are sending them to places in other countries where there is no internet to spread the truth…  However you choose to use them know that we are here for you and are praying for you and your continued spiritual growth!