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  2. Restoring the Truth about God’s Word – Torah
  3. Restoring the Truth about God’s People – The Prophesied Restoration of the Whole House of Israel

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➡ Revealing to the lost House of Israel who they are, and calling them to Repentance…
➡ Helping the lost sheep of Israel to Return to a love for the One True Elohim YHVH, His Torah, their Brother Judah, and the land of Israel!

Restoring the Truth about God’s People – The Prophesied Restoration of the Whole House of Israel

Tribes of Israel Heraldry Migration Through Europe:

It is often enlightening and fun for families to realize their identity in Israel by understanding more about how Israel migrated through the lands of Japheth in Europe and left clues to their family lines through their banners, symbols, crests and heraldry!  Below is a chart of those tribes of Israel heraldry with symbols that you may recognize elements of in your family ancestry crests to help you realize your place in Israel!

Watch and Learn about your Identity in Israel:

Recommended Resources for More Information Below:

Commonwealth of Israel – Reconciliation between the Two-houses (Israel and Judah)

Rabbi Isaac Heckman at the Common Wealth of Israel (COI) Conference

Rabbi Isaac is one of 12 worldwide board members of the Commonweath of Israel.  These leaders are scholars and experts with individual experience through their involvement in this Restoration and Reconciliation Process and have all reached the same conclusion.  Coming from different fields in life, they discovered that the purpose of God and the main theme of the Bible, is to restore the 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel as that Entity that God will work through when He establishes His universal rule on earth. This requires that the two greatly divided Houses of Israel, which came about when the Kingdom of Israel was taken away by God from King Solomon 3000 years ago and broken up into two sections, be re-united.  These two sections are frequently referred to in the Bible as “Judah and Israel”.  Both Houses in time were banished from the Land of Israel and exiled amongst the nations – but the Promise of God remained as a Challenge, that He would in the End times restore ‘the Fallen Tabernacle of David’.

The COI Vision entails that we have now reached that Moment in Time. That God is re-awakening His people and calling them together.  But insurmountable Stumbling Blocks remain to keep these Two Houses apart.  The Final Redemption can NOT take place and God’s Universal Kingdom can NOT be established unless these Two Houses embrace in Peace and re-Unite.

Authors and Fellow Commonwealth of Israel Members:

Ovadyah Avrahami – Kol Ha Tor

Ovadyah Avrahami lives in Israel and is the one of the Founders of the Commonwealth of Yisrael (COI) and continues his work of bringing the two houses together through his website and writings at KolHator.com in addition to working with us in the annual COI Conferences.

The return of Jews to their Homeland since 1948, after 2000 years of exile and persecution amongst the nations is indeed such a Miracle.  But, as if this was not miraculous enough, Kol Hator announces the national formation of even more amazing proportions: 

  • The Re-identifying of the ‘other House of Israel’ consisting of 10 ‘Lost’ Tribes, exiled into oblivion and dispersed amongst the nations of the entire world for the last 2700 years!
  • Their Return and reuniting with the House of Judah (Jews) to form ONE re-united 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel, restored back in the Land of their forefathers.

Everything you should know about the Restoration of Israel – on One Web Page – conveyed to you through some 350 comprehensive articles!  Be blessed and learn more at Kol HaTor at www.KolHaTor.com – The Voice of the Turtledove

Rabbi Avraham Feld – Kol Ha Tor

Not only is the New Testament’s Messiah a Torah observant Jew as more and more Christians are discovering, but also the entire New Testament is founded on traditional Jewish principles which defy the teachings of popular Christianity.  This, according to the findings of highly accredited anti-missionary, Rabbi Avraham Feld, in his 400-page complete text book of the Greatest Miracle of all Time: the re-erection of the 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel.  The progressive discovery by New Testament readers of these Jewish secrets, hidden for the last 2000 years,  is currently sweeping the world, thereby fulfilling the Biblical Prophecy of  the Global Return not only of Jews, but eventually also of the re-identifying Ten Lost Tribes of Israel  to a  Promised Land with greatly extended borders.

Jewish Secrets in the New TestamentFind how you are affected by this Greatest Miracle of all Time – the establishment of the Kingdom of God, currently in progress right before our eyes, as He is preparing His People!   CLICK HERE to order your copy of this 440 page revolutionary book at a special introductory publication price of $39.50 USA

Mark Byrd – Zaken at Assembly of Called-Out Believers and COI member and facilitator.

Mark ByrdMark Byrd is a coordinator with the Commonwealth of Israel working with Rabbi Isaac and helps organize the Conferences about the reconciliation and restoration of the two houses of Israel with the Commonwealth of Israel!

His ministry with the Assembly of Called-Out Believers is to teach through classes the precious foundations of our faith to help people understand what the Bible means when it states that Jew and Gentile will come together as “one new man” and to help build the bridge of love between the descendants of Israel and Judah with, understanding, embracing and healing the nations while also traveling to Israel in small groups.

Steven Collins

Steven M CollinsWe highly recommend readings from Steven M. Collins and his extensive research and knowledge on the Lost House of Israel which are not really lost but hidden among the nations and prophesied to be regathered and restored in the these last days!

Listen to a great Three-Part radio interview with Steven on Torah2theNations here:
                   Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!Back “In Print” as an e-book!  The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found, has been out-of-print for a considerable period of time, and many people have asked for copies of it. Due to public demand, this book is now again available for purchase as an e-book, and it is being made available at half the price of the original printed book!
Learn more at www.stevenmcollins.com

Stay tuned for future Commonwealth of Israel Conference dates…

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