What is Really behind the Russia Ukraine crisis?

Shalom Mishpachah, I would like to share a few thoughts on recent events to bring to light some things that some of you may be unaware of going on behind the scenes of the world stage. I am not political and do I want to offend anyone with political leanings to one side or the other but simply want to give you some food for thought as God want us to be wise and aware of the agendas of the Enemy against us and others…

With all the recent focus on Russia and Ukraine, we hear people saying “pray for Ukraine” and “pray against Russia” I thought you should know the truth. (We actually believe in praying for all the world… allies and enemies… friends and foe. – Luke 6:28) In addition, I have found many times in my world travels (I have ministered in both Russia and Ukraine) that those countries that others tell you are your enemies (i.e. Russia) are actually very friendly and have no evil intention against you, while those who act friendly to your face (the puppet leaders of the Luciferian elite like Biden and Trudeau etc.) while pointing the finger at others (i.e. the tactic of diversion via the media) will actually turn out to be your true enemies with the real agenda to kill (engineered disease) or enslave you (debt and dependence on their financial system leading to the Mark of the Beast total control).

Thus we see the media spinning huge amounts of misinformation against Russia on behalf of the agenda of the World’s False Babylonian system and elite Luciferian leaders against those who would seek to depose them or stand in their way. You should know that there is a bigger picture than Russia invading Ukraine, (which by the way is a type of liberation for the people living in the Ukraine, and those living there are telling a different story than what the media is portraying!) Putin and Russia are actually in the process of helping the Ukrainian people be freed from the Nazi leaders put in power by NATO and the wicked world leaders with an agenda against God’s people. (Not saying any leader or country is perfect… just encouraging all to question all things in wisdom).


So we must ask ourselves, why are all the major world leaders trying to push a war with Russia?

It is actually very simple when looking at it with spiritual eyes…

Russia stands against the progression of the New World Order (NWO). Russia is the only country that does not have a centralized bank that is run by the Rothschild Luciferian family. Russia is not involved with the freemason society and the President Putin is one of the only world leaders who is not a freemason. The globalist cabal that is run by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Rothschild family and its global banking cartel who funded the Nazi’s in WWII, the Rockefeller family, the Chase family, the Russell family, as well as others (the Committee of 300) cannot control Russia and therefore the globalists are always at war with the Big Bear Russia, but have to make it look like Russia is the “bad guy”. The true reason their focus is ever against Russia is that Russia is the only place they could not put a centralized bank, because every single leader in Russia was at war with the Rothschild family and the Rothschild’s own all of the centralized banks and every single country that has refused the Rothschild putting in one of their banks ( meaning they control the currency of that country ) we’ve gone to war with.


In 2006 Putin paid off Russia’s debt to the Rothschilds and Russia’s financial dependence on the NWO cabal was finally over. This is what Putin had been working toward.

In November 2013 the cabal focused on bringing the Ukraine under its one world control by offering them money/debt/slavery. Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych was offered a trade deal with the European Union EU, but, instead, Yanukovych took a bail-out deal from Russia. This angered the banking cabal and retaliation was soon to follow.

Almost immediately after, in February 2014 U.S. President Barack Obama was used to impose upon Ukraine a very a very bloody coup (they hired members of Ukraine’s two racist-fascist, or nazi, political parties, Right Sector and Svoboda (which latter had been called the Social Nationalist Party of Ukraine until the CIA advised them to change it to Freedom Party, or “Svoboda” instead)), which he and his press misrepresented (and still misrepresent) as being (and still represent as having been) a ‘democratic revolution’, but was nothing of the sort, and actually was instead the start of the Ukrainian dictatorship and the hell that has since destroyed that country, and brought the people there into such misery, it’s now by far the worst in Europe, and nearly tied with the worst in the entire world. Following the coup takeover, with Ukraine in forced submission, the new leaders took $8.4 billion from the IMF/World Bank Cash indebting it into slavery to the Globalists under the control of the Rothschild cabal.

Seeing this, in 2016 Putin banned Rothschild and his New World Order Banking Cartel Family from entering Russian territory. In fact, after paying the debt Russia had with the Rothschild, Putin did not hesitate to inform advisers of his actions. During the meeting in question, Putin was clearly discontent about the secretive elite’s agenda of taking over the country. According to a Kremlin source, the Russian president is indeed fighting for his country against Rothschild. Vladimir Putin claims: “They do not own the world, and they do not have carte blanch to do whatever they want. If we do not challenge them there will be other issues. We will not be bullied by them.”

The Rothschild banking cartel will not stop at getting back control of Ukraine through controlling their monetary policy. Many years ago Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild revealed the family focus on controlling the world through controlling the money by saying, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.” Sadly, if they cannot get control of Russia as well by getting them to also put in their centralized banks they will start a war and seek to take over Russia by force (while demonizing them as the bad guy aggressor to get the support of the world). (This is what has been going on with many other countries we have gone to war with!)

In 2017 Ukraine brought Rothschild on board to their finance ministry and at the same time they had Citi, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan handle their bonds. It is said Rothschild was hired to “manage medium-term debt liabilities.”

So, is it that we are seeing the Rothschild’s trying to start a new world war to take control of not only Ukraine but get back control of Russia as well?

It is interesting to note (if you know your history) that when America was sovereign before allowing in the centralized bankers, these same cabal banking families started internal war and later shot two presidents who opposed the centralized bank at different times (Jackson in 1835 and Lincoln 1861 – Jackson survived but they finally got the cabal’s central bank in through Woodrow Wilson in 1913 and have controlled our nation ever since!) Thus it may be that we are seeing the last world power resisting the New World Order controlled by a One World Government of cabal bankers who will then quickly initiate the Mark of the Beast once they have full control!

As sovereign sons and daughters of the Most High who has set free our forefathers, we can never advocate or support the re-enslaving of any people or country via debt, war, globalization, big government, Unions like the EU, NATO or any other means to bring a free people under the control of these Satanic greedy leaders. Therefore we must stand with those who are fighting the true evil and seeking to help keep people free of any global control. All is in God’s hands and we simply pray for wisdom to truly understand as well as for all the innocent who are caught in-between these globalist agenda for total control.


  1. Isaac,

    Thank you for putting this global conflict in perspective. News reports are skewed and their purpose is to control what we think, so that we will live in fear, and rely on the government for our security. I don’t believe those reports. What you revealed makes sense. I have done some studying regarding the freemasons…what a satanic organization…truly evil. It is no surprise that they are part of this conflict. I’m so grateful for your knowledge and counsel during these tumultuous times. May Abba heap blessings upon you and your family. Shalom!

    • I am thankful to ABBA FATHER, for giving us a Rabbi who is not only wise but bold enough to state his convictions. I am not in favor of politicians from either side of the “color spectrum”. However, I am in favor of Righteous Justice as put forth in our Torah. My grandmother, of blessed memory, always said; “if the crowd is going one way, you go the opposite.” That advice has served me well throughout my life. I know the media is controlled and rarely believe or comment on its satanic agenda. I am grateful to HASHEM, who led me to the AOCOB, and a Rabbi with wisdom and understanding. What you stated above makes perfect sense to me, as a student of history and lover of truth.
      Thank you for this perspective. My spirit bears witness to your statement.

  2. We thank our Eternal Father for the knowledge and understanding he has given you of these current events that are according to the unfolding of God’s own plans revealed in his prophesies. Thanks for having the courage to serve Abba before serving men and for showing us these satanic plans, hence we have the opportunity to be set-apart from the manipulation, control, and deceive of the powers of this world. We will be praying for you. Shalom from the scattered ones in Mexico!

  3. Thank you so much for this wonderful piece of light in the dark world of sin. Power to control mankind has always been the agenda of the evil one through deception. In fact, I have never attributed this war to globalist agenda but have been asking questions why this war. I was discussing this with a colleague in my office and he said it is because of resources owned by Ukraine why the war. I cannot express how grateful I am because I have fallen victim following world news.
    May Abba Father heap more blessing in everyway that you go. Shalom

  4. You speak the truth. I have seen videos from an American in Mariupol showing what the Azov battalion has done to the people there. I have also seen the video 2016 of our senators telling this same battalion to take the fight to Russia and that they would go back to the US and make sure they had the funds they needed. I am amazed at how many Christians are calling for nuclear war with Russia. They all believe they won’t be here for the devastation that would follow. They will be ruptured and believe they can bring it to happen sooner by supporting war. I thank you so much for your YouTube channel and teachings. You make me wish I lived in Washington.

  5. Finally! I just stumbled upon this assembly through some YouTube videos and my Torah studies. I watch/study a few rabbis and spiritual leaders and none of them seem to know what’s happening. Most of them bought the Russia – Evil propaganda, and maybe some of them don’t want to talk about it… but this is the first rav or organisation (that I’m aware of) who sees through the whole theatre and expresses it out loud. Thank you so much. I will subscribe to your channel and follow. Much love.

    • YHVH bless you and your heart for truth Elisabeth! Yes unfortunately many have bought the false narrative about Russia like they did the Covid-19, the gene-altering jab and so many other false narratives perpetuated by the MSM. May Heavenly Father protect you and bless you in your continued studies and spiritual growth!

      • Dear Rabbi Isaac,
        I am with you 100%, You have nailed it in my estimation. Whether or not we are able to overcome the dark powers of evil in this world, we know that this is God’s plan and that His will will be done. Thank you for standing up for the truth. It is a pity that many Rabbis and pastor’s fail to. Bless you in the name of Yeshua the Messiah!

  6. Rav Yitzak is 100 percent correct , it takes great spiritual wisdom to sniff out another cunning lie of the deceiver .  
    1.if a nation refuses to bow to the world order of the day it is demonized and violence meted on it. This is where Russia finds herself as one of the few nations not yoked to the debt based monetary system of the NWO which sucks the life all other nations whose currencies are  pegged on the us dollar. Putin has stated that all nations have commodities which are needed in the world market and by which every nations wealth can be measured.
    2 The annexation of Russia has been a priority agenda for quiet long time, Hitler and his conspirators termed it as a big pie ready to be divided and now ukraine is the soft underbelly of Russia and Zelensky is the blue eyed boy of NATO through which such an agenda can be accomplished irregardless of how many souls will be wasted by this NATO aggressor.
    3.Since the maidan movement (seeds of discord) began in Dec 2013 by the same forces of darkness pitting brother against brother East ukraine has never known peace yet in their pursuit of dignity the are referred to as rebels only worthy to be exterminated . And what we see now is a zombified generation of youth (like AZOV and others) from many nations, full of Nazi and fascist ideologies right from where the instigators of the 1st and 2nd world left. It now looks like the NWO will not require too much money to train a regular army (but just a youth, drugs and anger and a target then their bidding is done).
    3. The military industrial complex is still in the business. Which begs the question as to how a nation which is mandated to protect it’s people and it’s boundaries cross the Atlantic using its tax payers money claiming to be a world policeman explain their actions other than a blood desire to destabilize nations to keep the arms market running. This explains why they hastily exited afganistan after sucking life out of it (freezing their assets in their custody) and placing offensive gadgets of death in their arms, then start a new war in ukraine and funding them with the same destructive gadgets as an inducement. Death is money in this business and the harbinger of death is the same serpent of old who is always looking for a new customer to devour. Look at the state all the nations this setup and its front desk (NATO) have touched since their inception in the 20th century until to date (only wars, pestilence and hunger), many nations here in Africa, in Latin America and Asia. The same nations they claimed that their inhabitants will fall like flies faced with a pandemic like corona and some of their agents said that the earth needs to be rid of two thirds of its population and especially these three continents who were referred to as dead weights who just consume the earths resources , but YAH knows better for the earth is HIS and the fullness thereof.
    4) Any way biblical prophecy must come to pass for bavel to be repaid for her atrocities.
    Will the same scenario be replicated in the end times from the North, Isaiah 13:17-19 Isaiah 14:31 and 41: 25 ?…, just wondering

  7. Yes this is true and the Brethren can always check on RT international if it is not blacklisted in your country so as to have a broader perspective and not a one sided erroneous narrative promoted by the Main stream media. By reading Elohiym’s word and listening to sound doctrine by messengers like Rabbi Isaac you will not be in danger of praying amiss

  8. I have been studying this for ten years or more, intensely. And you my Brother are right on the facts. I love the fact that you are not afraid to speak the truth. Be ware the elite banking cartel are hunting down TRUTH tellers to stomp them out. Oh and yes they have infiltrated the Israeli society, what a shame. However, this is the will of our FATHER .

  9. Speaking of freemasonry, I was unaware until recently that the police force in the US is founded on freemasonry .
    I’m not sure if al police but I was led to believe so , if you look at the patches of the state highway patrol you will see the symbols of the freemasons . It’s a little harder to tell in some instances montana for example has numbers that trace back to 3 Brothers and their involvement in freemasonry others It’s right there to seen by all the compass and the square with the G in the center .

  10. Thank you. I came across your ministry by accident (not) when I was looking for the Hebraic understanding of Ephesians 6 several months ago.
    Despite being surrounded by prayer groups who are interceding for Ukraine, most of whom also love and support Israel, I have no peace with joining in. I have learned to ask the LORD what His heart is and how (if at all) He would have me intercede, no matter the cause and subject. Re: Ukraine’s war efforts, He has never released me to pray for Ukraine’s leadership in this war. There’s been a check my spirit that many well-meaning Believer’s are being deceived, and your clear post is confirmation and encouragement. The days of deception are accelerating, and I recognize that fewer will remain on the narrow path as the challenges intensify. I’m grateful to have found this site.
    I don’t know if this verse is Hebraically relevant, but I keep being reminded of Isaiah 63:5 and pray that He will find some willing to stand with Him.

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