Our style of worship and study is an organic mixuture of family closeness with good Bible-based teachings and opportunity for interaction and questions.

We have no formal dress code but believe we should dress with respect to the Creator of the Universe and we are seeking to draw near to him and glorify Him in all that we do and say.  Our speech and intereaction with others is always uplifting and loving.

We welcome those with families and children and have a wonderful childrens class available during the main service time available for all ages.

An Overview of our Service is provided below:

Welcome & Announcements: Pastor
Family Time: Everyone
Shofor: Shofar blowers
Shema: Everyone
Responsive Reading: Everyone
Hallel (Praise): Everyone
Blessing over the Children: All Abba’s children
Presentation of the Torah: Varies
Divrei Torah (Message): Pastor

What We Believe

Read about our Bible-based beliefs by clicking here