Shabbat Online Teachings via Telegram

Come join us online for Worldwide Fellowship and Shabbat Torah Teaching every Saturday at 10am now via Telegram! Get connected to your eternal family and learn the deeper principles of Torah with Rabbi Isaac by signing up for our weekly live Shabbat Telegram Torah Teaching by filling out the form below or emailing us with your phone number and Telegram info to with “Telegram” in the subject line.

New Shabbat Telegram Group Info:

1) Download Telegram App on cell phone,  tablet, laptop or PC
2) Make your “Profile Name” your First and Last name followed by a dash and then spell out your country or state (i.e. John Smith – New York) and add a profile picture of yourself.
3) Send us your Name, Location, Phone number and Telegram info in the contact form below will then add you to the Assembly group.
3) On Shabbat at 9:30am PST go to the Assembly group chat and click the blue join button to join audio call
5) Keep your audio muted unless called on to minimize background noise.


The Time:
Each Shabbat at 10 am Pacific Time (6:00 PM for UK 8:00 PM for Kenya 10:30 PM for India and 5:00 AM Sunday morning for New Zealand)

The Outline:
• Welcome and Introduction
• Family Time (sharing, prayer requests, praises etc -. please keep concise)
• Prayer
• Blowing of the Shofar
• Sh’ma
• Torah Thoughts for the day
• Group midrash discussion
• Closing Prayer and Priestly Blessing
• Song

Guidelines and Rules:

1) This Group is for Shabbat Teachings and Fellowship and we kindly request that you do not use this to solicit others or misuse as your own personal soapbox.
2) This is an audio conference call only so don’t worry about using video… we will have less distractions and it will still be private like our previous conference call.
3) Keep your audio muted unless called on to minimize background noise.
4) Enjoy! We are eternal family and it is a blessing to come together on Shabbat to uplift one another!

Please fill out the form below and tell us in the message box why it is important for you to join our Telegram Torah Teachings on Shabbat in the Message box below:


  1. I’ve been watching your teaching on youtube and I’m blessed every time. I’m new at learning the Torah and recently started observing the Sabbath. I don’t celebrate Christmas, which is my birthday, and other holidays that are not biblical.

  2. I stumbled through your teachings during my recent trip to Africa. I have been blessed by the truth and I will like to know more and to learn how to observe Shabbat truly as G-D commanded it to be observed. Thanks

  3. I desire with all my heart, soul and my mind to learn the Torah…. I am set apart and Observe the Sabbath in accordance to the Commandments of our one true God… The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob!

  4. I absolutely love your teachings. I have been studying the Bible diligently since 2011 and I have never grown weary nor lost interest in knowing more and more. I feel like a reservoir which never empties out, but also one which never gets filled up full..

  5. My hearts desire is to grow deeper in the knowledge of YHVH and learn Torah more.
    I came to know about your teachings through my brother. I am from the Philippines.

  6. It is such a blessing to have met and known, Rabbi Isaac. I am so thankful to the Lord for opening my life in the Torah teachings. It was really an honor to have spent a Shabbat with Rabbi Isaac.

  7. Love Rabbi Isaac’s teachings, what a wonderful teacher, with his help I do understand the Word much better, and I grow in wisdom. In South Africa we do not have Torah teacher/teachings, we realy miss out…

  8. I stumbled on your teaching at 3 in the morning, I am looking for God the truth and so much more… I am at the right place. Illandra South Africa

  9. I have been watching your teachings, and many of the things you are teaching are making more sense to me. Your teaching is very clear and easy to follow along.
    I don’t always understand some of the Hebrew, but I’m catching on.

  10. I have been seeking the truth starting in 1998. Thank you YahHoVah for sending me this holy website. Praise To YOU, Holy Father for sending your son YahHoShoah my messia.

  11. Reg - Cape Town, South Africa

    I have been gleaning from the wealth of Torah teaching by Rabbi Isaac for the past few years and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a blessing to learn Yah’s word and be part of a body of called-out believers. I am currently residing in Cape Town, South Africa.

  12. Mary Small-Burke Jamaica

    You it teachings has been as an oasis in the desert. I am being restored, revived and replenish weekly. May Adonai continue to bless you and your ministry richly. Thanks a million for your vision to reach the lost sheep of the house of Israel. You have certainly helping me to regain my heritage and find my identity

  13. You and your teachings are a real inspiration. Your kind and gentle Spirit deliver in such a way that the lessons never get old. All the videos I have found of yours have been saved in my library and watched over and over and…… well, you get my drift. I have learned the Hebrew alphabet this last year and do fairly well figuring out how to read some. Love practicing writing it, but I can’t communicate by writing it yet, bought calligraphy pens that makes it fun. Thanks so much Isaac!

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