Feasts & New Moon Dates

Following are dates of the Biblically commanded Feasts for the coming year.  These are not only Jewish Holy Days.  In Leviticus 23:2 YHVH tells us, “These are My appointed festivals, the appointed festivals of the Lord, which you are to proclaim as sacred assemblies.”  They are YHVH’s specially appointed times available to all His followers.  Mark your calendar and plan ahead to participate with YHVH on His Holy Days!

On the Hebrew/Biblical calendar a day begins and ends at dusk (See Genesis 1).
Accordingly, each of these Feasts begins and ends at sundown on the days listed:

Other Observances:

  • Chanukah: Starts Sunday evening, December 18, 2022 and continues through Monday, December 26, 2022
  • Fast of Esther: Monday, March 6, 2023
  • Purim: Begins Monday night, March 6, 2023 and continues through Tuesday, March 7 (extending through Wednesday in Jerusalem)

Spring Feasts:

  • Beginning of Months: on Aviv 1 – evening of March 21st through March 22nd, 2023 (New Moon Conjunction)
  • Passover/Pesach: Full moon evening of Wedneday, April 5th, 2023 (Lev. 23:5)
  • Feast of Unleavened Breads/Hag Matzot: a Holy Convocation on the first day April 6th – Friday, April 12th, 2023 with a a Holy Convocation on the 7th day of Unleavened Bread on April 12th, 2022 (Lev. 23:6)
  • First Fruits (first day after weekly shabbat after Passover we start counting 50 days up to Shavu’ot): Sunday, April 9th, 2023+50= May 28th, 2023
  • Counting the Omer: From the evening before Sunday, April 9th- Sunday, May 28th, 2023 (From the day after the Sabbath (counting starts after sundown Saturday evening) through 7 complete sabbaths – Lev. 23:15-16) (Anniversary of Ten Commandments given on 6th of Sivan falls on May 26th, 2023 in Israel)
  • Feast of Weeks/Shavu’ot/Pentecost in the 3rd Month: a Holy Convocation from evening of May 27th – Sunday, May 28th, 2023 (“And this whole Feast was celebrated in heaven from the days of Creation…” Jubilees 6:18) (“An she [Sarah] bore a son in the third month [Sivan], and in the middle of the month, at the time of which Hashem spoken to Avraham, on the Feast of the Firstfruits of the harvest, Yitzchak was born.” Jubilees 16:13 – Note: this shows that Shavu’ot when counted correctly as 7 complete Sabbaths it can even sometimes fall close to the middle of the month!  This year the full moon of the middle of the month is on the 13th and Shavu’ot falls a week before.) (“…and so they came to Yerushalayim as the Feast of Weeks was aproaching” 2 Maccabees 12:31)  (“And when the day of Shavu’ot was fully come, they (the talmidim) were all with one accord in one place.” Acts 2:1


(To Learn more about the The Four Fasts of Zechariah 8:19 described below click Rabbi Isaac’s article here)

  • The Three weeks of mouning: The “Three Weeks” and Tisha B’Av are designated as a time of mourning over the destruction of the Holy Temple and the galut (exile)… see dates below:
  • Fast of the 4th Month, on the 17th “Shivah Asar B’Tammuz – July 23, 2023
  • Fast of the 5th Month, on the 9th “Tish’a B’Av– August 13,2023
  • Fast of the 7th Month, on the 3rd is the fast of Gedaliah observed on the day after the two day Rosh Hashana feast.  (We also fast on the 10th day of Tishrei “Yom Kippur” – Sundown October 24th – October 25th, 2023)
  • Fast of the 10th Month, on the 10th day of Tevet “Asarah B’Tevet” – December 22, 2023

Fall Feasts:

  • Feast of Trumpets/Yom Teruah/Rosh Hashana:  A Holy Convocation announced with the Blasts of the Shofar – From the evening of September 15th, 2023 (See new moon list below) through the Holy Day on September 16th, 2023 (Lev. 23:24).  (The two day New Moon Feast goes from the evening of September 15th and ends nightfall of September 17, 2023)
  • Day of Atonement: 25 hour fast from the evening of September 24th – September 25th, 2023 at sundown. (Lev. 23:27) a Holy Convocation
  • Feast of Tabernacles/Shelters/Harvest: a Holy Convocation from Erev Sukkot (Holy Day) at Sundown September 29th, through September 30th, 2023 (No work permitted on September 30th), – then a week long feast through October 6th, 2023 Last Great day “Hoshana Rabbah” (Lev. 23:34)
    (Following the seven joyous days of Sukkot, comes the happy holy day known as Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah)
  • The Eighth Day/Shimini Atzuret/Simchat Torah: Evening of October 6th-7th, 2023 a Holy Convocation according to Lev. 23:36.  (No work is permitted.  Yizkor is recited on Shemini Atzeret, October 7)

To Download our free Jewish Holiday calendar click here

New Moon Dates

The Hebrew calendar is based on the lunar cycle. For more information on the New Moon and how to calculate it God’s way, read our study and findings called: New Moon Study – Observing the Beginning of the Month God’s Way

To find all the New Moons and Full Moon’s, please check out TimeandDate..com and mark your calendar.  You can view the Expected Dates of New Moons by clicking here or view below.

Understanding the Conjunction New Moon and Rosh Chodesh…

The moon begins to illuminate immediately after conjunction. We cannot see it, though, until the sun sets because the moon is obscured by the greater light of the sun. The fact that we cannot see the moon immediately after conjunction, however, does not negate the fact that it has already began a new revolution with new illumination. Often, the first visible crescent can only be seen a day or two later, either on the following evening of New Moon Day which then call day 1 , or even seen a day later, and this is why we don’t wait to see the crescent moon to call day 1, but simply use the crescent as a confirmation of the new month.

Conjunction New Moon PST First Day of Hebrew Month (begins evening before)
Sunday, September 25, 2022 2:54 PM so Sept. 25 at sundown through Sept. 26 is Day 1 of 7th Month of Tishrei
Tuesday, October 25, 2022 3:48 AM so Oct. 25 at sundown through Oct. 26 is Day 1 of 8th Month of Cheshvan
Wednesday, November 23, 2022 2:57 PM so Nov. 23 at sundown through Nov. 24 is Day 1 of 9th Month of Kislev
Friday, December 23, 2022 2:16 AM so Dec. 23 at sundown through Dec. 24 is Day 1 of 10th Month of Tevet
Saturday, January 21, 2023 12:53 PM so Jan. 21 at sundown through Jan. 22 is Day 1 of 11th Month of Shevat 
Sunday, February 19, 2023 11:05 PM so Feb. 20 at sundown through Feb. 21 is Day 1 of 12th Month of Adar 
Tuesday, March 21, 2023 10:23 AM so Mar. 21 at sundown through Mar. 22 is Day 1 of 1st Month of Aviv/Nisan
Wednesday, April 19, 2023 9:12 PM so Apr. 20 at sundown through Apr. 21 is Day 1 of 2nd Month of Iyyar
Friday, May 19, 2023 8:53 AM so May 19 at sundown through May 20 is Day 1 of 3rd Month of Sivan
Saturday, June 17, 2023 9:37 PM so June 18 at sundown through June 19 is Day 1 of 4th Month of Tammuz
Monday, July 17, 2023 11:31 AM so July 17 at sundown through July 18 is Day 1 of 5th Month of Av
Wedneday, August 16, 2023 2:38 AM so Aug. 16 at sundown through Aug. 17 is Day 1 of 6th Month of Elul
Thursday, September 14, 2023 6:39 PM so Sept. 15 at sundown through Sept. 16 is Day 1 of 7th Month of Tishrei
Saturday, October 14, 20231 10:55 AM so Oct. 14 at sundown through Oct. 15 is Day 1 of 8th Month of Cheshvan
Monday, November 13, 2023 1:27 AM so Nov. 13 at sundown through Nov. 14 is Day 1 of 9th Month of Kislev
Tuesday, December 12, 2023 3:32 PM so Dec. 12 at sundown through Dec. 13 is Day 1 of 10th Month of Tevet

Note: All Conjunction New Moon times above are Pacific Time for Washington State, USA

Enoch and Philo record the ancient way of the Moon:

We should all have the unwavering desire to serve and please the Eternal One and keep his commandments, (Ecclesiastes 12:13) for this is the duty of Man. The Book of Enoch is a biblical reference and also serves as a historical reference when mentioning the Luminaries.  Enoch mentions in full detail the elements and behaviors of the Lunar Cycle and how to determine when the Moon is: ‘NEW, FULL and in CONJUNCTION’ by human observation.  The book of Enoch at one time was part of Scriptural writings and in Enoch 73:4 it says that the moon rises in this manner: Its head faces the easterly direction, coming out on the thirtieth day, on that day, that is, on the thirtieth day, it comes into existence, and it appears with the sun in the gate through which the sun exits; and you have the beginning of the month.  

And on the first day she is called the NEW MOON, for on that day the light rises on her. (Enoch 78:12) 

Philo (a Hellenistic Jewish Philosopher from Alexandria) lived before, during, and after Yeshua (20BCE-50CE), and it stands to reason, that he would have also espoused a correct understanding of Biblical calender and how to observe the cycle of the moon determining the months.  Philo confirms what Enoch wrote in ancient times saying that the New Moon festival takes place when the moon begins to illuminate. As previously stated, the moon becomes illuminated immediately after conjunction. We cannot see it, though, until the sun sets because the moon is obscured by the greater light of the sun. The fact that we cannot see the moon immediately after conjunction, however, does not negate the fact that it has already began a new revolution and is again re-illuminating. Often, the first visible thin almost imperceivable crescent will be seen on the evening of New Moon Day, displaying to the viewer her new light.

“Following the order which we have adopted, we proceed to speak of the third festival, that of the new moon. First of all, because it is the beginning of the month, and the beginning, whether of number or of time, is honorable. Secondly, because at this time there is nothing in the whole of heaven destitute of light. Thirdly, because at that period the more powerful and important body gives a portion of necessary assistance to the less important and weaker body; for, at the time of the new moon, the sun begins to illuminate the moon with a light which is visible to the outward senses, and then she displays her own beauty to the beholders…” (Philo, Special Laws II, Section XXVI (140-142), emphasis supplied)

In the following quotations, Philo plainly states that New Moon Day follows conjunction and that months are reckoned from conjunction to conjunction.

“The third [festival of Yom Teruah] is that which comes after the conjunction, which happens on the day of the new moon in each month.” (Philo, Special Laws II, Section XI (41))

“This is the New Moon, or beginning of the lunar month, namely the period between one conjunction and the next, the length of which has been accurately calculated in the astronomical schools.” (Philo, Special Laws II, Section XXVI (140))

Philo’s statements below indicate that the moon completes its perfect configurations (i.e. waxing half-moon, full moon, waning half-moon, conjunction) at the end of each week. When reckoning the dawn after conjunction as the commencement of New Moon Day, this is most often the case.

Full Moons always at the end of the 14th day and beginning of the 15th:

Enoch and Philo also state that the moon should be full at the end of the second week (i.e. the 15th day of the lunar month).  Enoch 78:6 tells us,

and on the fourteenth day the moons light becomes

Note: When reckoning the day after conjunction as New Moon Day, the moon will full on the evening after the 14th leading into the 15th of the month.

And the next verse 7 confirms:

 “…On the fifteenth day her light is full…”

Thus the moon is fifteen days old by the time her light is full. 

“For it is said in the Scripture: On the tenth day of this month let each of them take a sheep according to his house; in order that from the tenth, there may be consecrated to the tenth, that is to [Elohim], the sacrifices which have been preserved in the soul, which is illuminated in two portions out of the three, until it is entirely changed in every part, and becomes a heavenly brilliancy like a full moon, at the height of its increase at the end of the second week . . .” (On Mating with the Preliminary Studies, Section XIX, (106))

“And this feast is begun on the fifteenth day of the month, in the middle of the month, on the day on which the moon is full of light, in consequence on the providence of Elohim taking care that there shall be no darkness on that day.” (Philo, Special Laws II, The Fifth Festival, Section XXVIII (155))

More About The Feasts

For Videos explaining the Holy Days please feel free to check out our YouTube Playlist called “Holy Days & Feasts of the Lord” or watch below.


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