Annual Shavuot Gathering

Fun in the Sun!

Come join us for our annual Shavuot picnic where food, fun, family, and fellowship all come together and reread the Ten Commandments given on this special day, hold a barbecue potluck picnic where we will provide hamburgers and hotdogs and your potluck items then we will have a time a fellowship to learn about and recite the Amidah prayer which will unite us and then provide an opportunity for those who want to go through the Mikvah and rededicate themselves to the Covenant on the Covenant day! We truly hope that you can make it!

Things we do

  • Renew our covenant relationship with YHVH
  • Wave the wheat loaves before the LORD
  • Potluck lunch and Barbeque
  • Fellowship
  • Teachings
  • Opportunity for Mikveh Baptism

Please remember to bring a dish to contribute and any drinks that you would like as well as comfortable camp chairs for yourself, and also remember to bring shorts or a change of clothing for the baptism Mikvah.

Email or call for this year’s location.

Wishing everyone a very blessed and meaningful Shavuot this year falling on Sunday, May 23rd, 2021 and we look forward to seeing you there!  To learn more about Shavu’ot please enjoy the video teaching below!