Hanukkah Party

Come celebrate God’s miracles and the light of His love!

This year Hanukkah the eight days of Hanukkah begins the evening of December 10th, (Thursday evening)  and our local fellowship will be holding a Hanukkah celebration at 6:00 p.m. to light the first candle and celebrate together! (Contact for location).
Bring a potluck dish for dinner and your hanukkiah and candles for a festive and fun fellowship time of remembering the dedication of the temple and looking forward to the future temple, when it is rebuilt and rededicated in the age of Mashiach!

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  1. Glad to have accidentally joined your timing with lighting my first Hanukkah candles!
    I am so happy to have found your classes on YouTube! Thank you for all you do to get the living word out to the peoples of the earth. I am grateful for these spiritual blessings.

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