• I would like to ask Rabbi Isaac a few questions. Can you provide us with an email address please ? My wife Annamarie and I are from South Africa and have listened to some of Rabbi Isaac’s teachings and we were richly blessed!

    • Shalom Glynis. With a surname like that you must be South African. I am in the Eastern Cape and would love to make contact with you as well. If you are interested in connecting, please let me know,

  1. I thank Yahuwah everyday for a man like Pst. Issac for his zeal and passion for the truth. What blows me away the most he genuinely cares for our salvation and the growing knowledge in Yahushua our gift of salvation.

  2. Shalom Mishpacah! Greetings from Savannah Tn. We are few im number here and get much persecution from the church. My heart aches they cannot see. We are in the bible belt with much tradition of men. How glorious it is to know who you are. Israel!!! Dispensationilism is rampant in the south. Thank you Issac for you have much wisdom and love to go with it! I am grateful for these teachings where it lines up. I have wondered for so many years with too many questions. Yah is opening our spirits to believe Torah. Much blessings in Yeshua HaMashiach!

  3. So thankful with Rabbi Isaac for his wonderful Torah teachings full of knowledge and his love serving HASHEM that inspire to emulate; also the Twelve Tribes researches in YouTube that let me in awe to know I’m one of the sheep somewhere else waiting for our loving Messiah Yeshua. Now here checking the “Called-Out Believers” website is full of HASHEM’s Torah studies; hopefully with our Heavenly Father’s guidance, and Rabbi Isaac help, I would like to start the return to my roots, and study all is possible, looking forward the approaching return of our loved Messiah. Blessings in His marvelous infinite Love, Shalom

  4. Hello. My name is George, I just want to offer a Great Big God Bless you Rabbi Isaac. I stumbled across your teachings on you-tube. I have to say I found them riveting! I’ve been saved since the early 70’s. And I cherish my relationship with the Lord! The teachings you are offering are priceless to me. At current I’m most blessed and encouraged knowing there is teaching about the complexity of the Word. Any way, I’ll be listening and watching intently! And I will be in touch!

      • Hello! Just a quick question. Can you recommend a place to to get the book of Enoch? Along with other study material mentioned in your teachings. For example, I think I heard something about a book of jubilee? There has been so much opened up to me concerning my faith, scripture, and the character and essence of My Lord that I cant seem to get enough to eat! Lol….It just means I have a healthy diet going! Anyway, Thanks for all your ministry is doing! I Look forward to your recommendation. Blessings! George

  5. Praise be to the Lord God most high, could someone kindly tell me where I can buy these teaching to share with my community as many cannot afford the Internet but would love and enjoy listening to these great truths. May the Lord continue to lead and guide you in his wisdom.

  6. I’ve been listening to you on YouTube now for a while. You are filling my bible and mind with wonderful information to get closer to God and know His ways. I’d love to get a book reference list. You refer to jubilee and others that I don’t have, and I’d love to follow and read it all so please provide a book list. Rebecca in New Zealand

  7. Shalom aleichem Rabbi Yitzhak; greetings from Soweto, South Africa. My wife Mmakhanya and l wish to join your Shabbat session please guide and shepard us to it. We love you and wish to sit on your feet and imbibe from your well of divine knowledge and wisdom.

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