A teacher must be sound in Torah truths, as he is responsible for the instruction of others and there are big woes from God through the prophet Jeremiah about Shepherd’s who lead the flock astray. ““Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! … “My people have become lost sheep; Their shepherds have led them astray.” (Jer. 23:1) Those who subscribe to false ideas must not be permitted to spread their error.

In view of these requirements, it becomes easier to understand why the inspired writer James admonishes: “Be not many of you teachers” (3:1). It is not that he would discourage teaching; it is just that we must take this responsibility very seriously.

The New Testement writers have a lot to say about teachers and teaching. The basic Greek word for to teach is “didaktikos”. This word is used twice in the Bible:

1Tim 3:2 “given to hospitality, apt to teach”
2Tim 2:24 “gentle unto all (men), apt to teach”

The verse in 1Tim is related to the qualifications of an elder. The second verse is a portion of the characteristics of every servant of the Lord. The word “didaktos” is used in

John 6:45 “they shall be all taught of God”
1Cor 2:13 “not words which man’s wisdom teacheth, but which the Ruach HaQodesh teacheth”

Jeff Steadman

Jeff Steadman

Jeff is one of our Zaqen זָקֵן (Elder) and has been active in both speaking, teaching and children’s ministry for many years.  He and his wife Patti are a blessing to our congregation and humble servants of the Most High!  We are very thankful for Jeff’s willingness to serve as an assistant teacher and live…