Our pastor, staff, elders and deacons are here to lovingly serve you.  Should you need prayers or more information or just have questions, please feel free to contact any of us at any time.

Isaac – Servant Leader and Torah Teacher

Bio A Rabbi is a teacher and a Pastor is someone who takes care of God’s sheep and we are happy to say that Isaac is both to us! Isaac is the full-time Torah teacher and Senior Pastor/Rabbi at the Assembly of Called-Out Believers, a member of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA). and an…

Jeff – Elder

Jeff Steadman is an Elder and Speaker at the Assembly of Called-Out Believers

Mark – Elder

Mark Byrd is is an Elder and Speaker at the Assembly of Called-Out Believers

Dr. Stephen Pidgeon

Dr. Stephen Pidgeon

The Founder and President of Cepher Publishing Group, LLC., Dr. Stephen Pidgeon is a political scientist with a Doctorate of Philosophy, and an active attorney with a Juris Doctorate in the state of Washington.  In collaboration with a group of students of scripture, he is responsible for the creation and publication of the Eth CEPHER;…


Bio Our treasurer and has an amazing heart for truth! He is a wonderful example of a Godly wife man and spends his days shining the light of God’s love in sharing truth with others and selfless giving out Bibles and other items to facilitate people’s understanding of Truth! Rabbi Shaul explains the qualities of…

Mary Ellen

Send your prayer requests to our International Prayer Ministry Support Team for Intercessory prayer on a global scale!


Nic has been one of the most faithful and consistant servants of the Most High… never missing a Shabbat or Hebrew class or an opportunity to help in serving others.  Nic runs our audio/video and also assists us on Israel tours we offer each year.  We are very blessed and thankful for his service to…