Dr. Stephen Pidgeon

Guest Speaker: Dr. Stephen Pidgeon

The Founder and President of Cepher Publishing Group, LLC., Dr. Stephen Pidgeon is a political scientist with a Doctorate of Philosophy, and an active attorney with a Juris Doctorate in the state of Washington.  In collaboration with a group of students of scripture, he is responsible for the creation and publication of the Eth CEPHER; a comprehensive restoration of sacred scripture in the English language.  Dr. Pidgeon is a student of many languages, including Greek, Hebrew, Russian, French, Spanish and Italian.  An avid reader and author, he has published over 30 books in the last several years.

We are very thankful for Dr. Pidgeon guest speaking while Pastor Isaac was in Israel!  Dr. Pidgeon gave two different teachings:  The first was based on Parashah Kedoshim in Leviticus 19-21 and some of the mistranslations in the Bible and the second is based on his views on current events and personal calculations of things to come.  Both are included here for your study.

We hope this Torah teaching blesses you in your spiritual understanding and growth! As we are solely supported by your Tzedakah, please consider supporting this ministry for the continued spread of Truth by giving a love offering here.

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  1. Thank the Father for blessing you Dr. Pidgeon. My husband and I appreciate having access to the information you provide. May Yah continue to bless you. Shalom brother Stephen.

  2. Clifford. A Dunbar

    I was very curious about what the image of the voice is in 4th esdras i think its the Hand of God that went with moses and is sent down from above psalm 144v7 you’re probably the only other person that would know what I’m talking about

  3. Clifford. A Dunbar

    I was wondering if you knew what the voice of the image is in second well fourth Ezra’s I believe it’s the hand that is sent from above Psalm 144 verse 7 8 and 11

  4. I live in Edmonton, Alberta and I’m looking for a Faith based church. Do you have an affiliate here or a body of believers that you can suggest for me to access. Thank you.
    Kind regards.
    Brent Burns

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