#34 Parashah Bamidbar with Torah and Haftarah video studies

Teaching For Shabbat of June 8th, 2024
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Torah: Numbers 1:1–4:20
Haftarah: Hosea 2:1-22

B’midbar (בְּמִדְבַּר)— Hebrew for “in the wilderness of” [Sinai], the fifth overall and first distinctive word in the parashah), often called Bamidbar is the 34th weekly Torah portion (פָּרָשָׁה‎, parasha) in the annual cycle of Torah reading and the first in the Book of Numbers. The parashah tells of the census and the priests’ duties and covers Numbers 1:1–4:20.  It is generally read it in May or early June

Camp of Israel

Parsha Bamidbar Summary

Numbers 1:1–4:20

In the Sinai Desert, God says to conduct a census of the twelve tribes of Israel. Moses counts 603,550 men of draftable age (20 to 60 years); the tribe of Levi, numbering 22,300 males age one month and older, is counted separately. The Levites are to serve in the Sanctuary, replacing the firstborn, whose number they approximated, who were disqualified when they participated in the worshipping of the Golden Calf. The 273 firstborn who lacked a Levite to replace them had to pay a five-shekel “ransom” to redeem themselves.

When the people broke camp, the three Levite clans dismantled and transported the Sanctuary, and reassembled it at the center of the next encampment. They then erected their own tents around it: the Kohathites, who carried the Sanctuary’s vessels (the Ark, menorah, etc.) in their specially designed coverings on their shoulders, camped to its south; the Gershonites, in charge of its tapestries and roof coverings, to its west; and the families of Merari, who transported its wall panels and pillars, to its north. Before the Sanctuary’s entranceway, to its east, were the tents of Moses, Aaron, and Aaron’s sons.

Beyond the Levite circle, the twelve tribes camped in four groups of three tribes each. To the east were Judah (pop. 74,600), Issachar (54,400) and Zebulun (57,400); to the south, Reuben (46,500), Simeon(59,300) and Gad (45,650); to the west, Ephraim (40,500), Manasseh (32,200) and Benjamin (35,400); and to the north, Dan(62,700), Asher (41,500) and Naphtali(53,400). This formation was kept also while traveling. Each tribe had its own nassi(prince or leader), and its own flag with its tribal color and emblem.


For further Torah study on parashah “Bamidar”, the first Parashah of the book of Numbers please enjoy the latest illustrated Dvar Torah video teaching below… Listen and learn from Rabbi Isaac as he takes your understanding to an even deeper level!  Enjoy and be blessed!



For a simple cartoon summary of the Torah parashot for your children we recommend the following video below:


Hosea 2:1-22

This Shabbat’s haftorah in Hosea 2:1-22 begins with the words, “The number of the children of Israel shall be as the sand of the sea [shore], which can be neither measured nor counted.” An appropriate reading for the first Torah reading of the Book of Numbers.

Hosea first prophesies about the eventual reunification of the houses of Judah and Israel. During the Messianic Era, it is prophesied that these two houses will make peace and appoint a single leader. Hosea then rebukes the people of Israel for their infidelity, abandoning their “husband,” God, and engaging in adulterous affairs with pagan deities. He describes the punishments they will suffer because of this unfaithfulness.

Eventually, though, Hosea reassures them that they will repent, and God will accept then back wholeheartedly. The haftorah concludes with the moving words: “And I will betroth you to Me forever, and I will betroth you to Me with righteousness and with justice and with loving-kindness and with mercy.”

Further Study:

The Ark of the Covenant

This week’s afternoon study was followed up by an additional study by Jeff Steadman on the Ark of the Covenant.

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  1. Hello hope you will have time to answer my question. Are observant Jews who love the God of Israel and walk in the Torah going to hell because they did not accept Yeshua as Messiah? When Yeshua said ” I have only come for the lost sheep of the house of Israel”, did he mean just the northern kingdom?
    Look forward to your answer,

    • The Jews will be saved according to Rabbi Shaul (Paul) in Romans 11:26, “Then all the Jews will be saved. The holy writings say, `Someone will come from Zion to save people. He will take away the wrong ways of our father Jacob.”

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