St. Patrick a Messianic Torah keeper?

I was thinking of posting this back on St. Patricks Day on March 17th but now that I am in Ireland reaching out to the descendants of Israel here and having found new evidence to support that Patrick was not Catholic but a Torah observant believer, I think it vey timely now not to wait any further… What many do not realize is that the first few centuries the church was still messianic and focused on reaching out to the lost sheep of the house of Israel much as Y’hoshua instructed and we are doing through the Assembly of Called-Out Believers and the Commonwealth of Israel organizations.

One thing to remember, much history has been changed through the years and much truth has been perverted! One example in Patricks case is that the Pope never ordained Patrick in Rome, and Patrick was never a Catholic. He was a Messianic Jew! The Roman Catholic Church has changed more than doctrine. They rewrote history.
Robert Heider is the scholar promoting St. Patrick as a Messianic Jew. His source being the medieval Book of Leinster, stored under lock and key in Trinity College, Dublin. He quotes Patrick as a “son of Israel.” His ancestors were among the Jewish believers in Messiah Yeshua who fled Jerusalem in 70 A.D when Rome sacked the Holy City.
Patrick was born in 360 A.D. His father was a deacon in the celtic church and it was the celtic church which remained the last surviving outpost of the first century apostolic church. And it operated in miracles.
Signs and wonders had powered the early church, spurring its growth until the 4th century, when compromise with Paganism under Constantine pulled the plug. No more power. God’s Glory departed . . . except in remote outposts. One was 4th century Ireland, in the Celtic church.
The Celtic church did not believe in purgatory, did not pray to Mary, and did not honor the Pope. Clergy married and reared children. Believers, not infants, were baptized by immersion. They celebrated Passover, not Easter and kept God’s 7th day Sabbath. They shunned unclean meats and decried the Roman Church’s hierarchy. Perhaps as we go back to understanding Patrick we need to see him in a new light.


  1. Shalom Rabbi Isaac: Interesting about your comments about St. Patrick, they sound plausible–what is you feeling about Peter being the first pope–it seems ludicrous to me, having a Messianic Jew for pope, but the poor catholics have been led astray for years–God even told them not to worship Mary(Miriam)nor pray to her, but that is exactly what they do, unfortuately to their own detriment. Thanks Isaac, I will await your comments with anticipation. Richard.

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