Hanukkah and the Great Miracle that Happened on it!

Christmas is soon approaching—the season when much of the world erroneously celebrates the miracle birth of Yeshua (known to the Christian world as Jesus)… However, the great miracle of the Word made flesh did not begin with the birth but with the conception of Yeshua… and another celebration remembering the dedication of the Temple of Yah… Hanukkah!

Maimonides’ 13 Principles of Jewish Faith

For those who are interested in understanding their Jewish brothers and the Jewish faith, I thought it worthy of familiarizing you with the 13 Foundational Principles of Judaism. These thirteen Principles compiled by Maimonides outline Judaism’s tenets, which one must acknowledge as truths in order to be considered a Jew, and to partake in the World to Come. I will…

tu b'av

Tu B’Av – A day of Ahavah Love!

Tu B’Av (Hebrew: ט״ו באב, the fifteenth of the month Av) is a minor Jewish holiday. In modern-day Israel, it is celebrated as the Hebrew-Jewish day of ahavah love (Hebrew: חג האהבה‎, Hag HaAhava), similar to Valentine’s Day and has been said to be a “great day for weddings”. This year Tu B’Av begins at…