Yeshua and the Oral Torah

RABBI YESHUA’S UPBRINGING & CHILDHOOD IN TORAH OBSERVANCE As far as written Torah observance by Rabbi Yeshua in the New Testament; accounts (Luke 2:39-52, Luke 2:21-32, Luke 2:39, Luke 2:41, John 8:46; Galatians 4:4) stress that Yeshua was brought up as an observant Jewish child in the traditions and faith of his fathers (who were…

Tevilah and Mikvah

Tevilah and Mikvah During Biblical Times Tevilah is the Biblical act of immersing oneself in a natural living water source for ritual cleansing of sin and symbolizing death to the self-centered ego and rebirth to a new spiritual life of selfless love in harmony with the principles of God’s law of love – “Torah”. In…

Hanukkah and the Great Miracle that Happened on it!

Christmas is soon approaching—the season when much of the world erroneously celebrates the miracle birth of Yeshua (known to the Christian world as Jesus)… However, the great miracle of the Word made flesh did not begin with the birth but with the conception of Yeshua… and another celebration remembering the dedication of the Temple of Yah… Hanukkah!