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Scriptural tests of a Prophet

The Scriptural Tests of a true Prophet… and how to Identify the False!

With all the recent “self-proclaimed” prophets and people with “messages from God” in different movements and on the internet and YouTube it is important for God’s people to use scriptural discernment and not be deceived.  The following eight tests of a true prophet we hope will help you not be swayed by every passing wind of false doctrine and misleading teachings based in speculation, originating in false “spirit” filled individuals and coming from various man-made religions.

the process of persecution

The Process of Persecution

We have often seen and discussed the persecution of Christians and Jews throughout history… but did we ever think we would see the day when we would see persecution from professed Believers? Unfortunately many in the Christian world have fear as to their members growing interest in the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith and…

What or Who are the ‘Synagogue of Satan’?

Many people ask who or what are the “synogogue of satan” mentioned in the Book of Revelation, as they get a wrong impression of Jews from a statement made in the Book of Revelation chapter 2 verse 9 where it mentions a certain phrase that was understood 2000 years ago in the first Century persecution that is no longer understood today by readers without the cultural context of 2000 years ago and thus it causes  many misunderstandings!