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The Mark of the Beast is Coming Quickly Upon Us!

The Foundation for the Mark Has Just Been Laid!! The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Macron of France this last week both tried to enforce mandatory vaccine passports, and both suggested similar “punishments” for not having the vaccine passport. Prime Minister Johnson said you will not be able to buy or sell…


More Attacks on Israel: Missiles launched into northern Israel from Lebanon. IDF retaliates on area where missiles were launched from. Hezbollah claims responsibility. Engineered Depopulation: C*vid cases highest in Israel and most of the sick in hospitals are those who have been FULLY VACCINATED according to Executives in the Hospitals. Dr Charles Hoffe took blood…

Palestinians Win Votes to Lead Major UN Group

Palestinians are set to lead the Group of 77, a coalition of developing states within the UN system. The Palestinian chairmanship was backed by the majority of UN member states, lending further credence to charges that the UN is structurally biased against Israel.