The Creation Week Reveals God’s 7000 year Plan of Redemption

Often prophecy in Scripture is revealed by type and antitype, by symbols hidden in stories with dual meanings and application and fulfillments.  For over 20 years I have shared understanding showing how the seven days of creation reveal Hashem’s 7000 year Plan of Redemption.  The following is a short excerpt and outline of that one and a half hour teaching.

The scriptures say,

“…with Elohim one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” II Peter 3:8

1st day – Out of darkness Elohim creates light and in the first millennial day Adam, who was created as a being of light, fell into the darkness of sin!

The evening and the morning: the first part of the millennial day is represented by Darkness.  Man goes from light to darkness…Sin through Adam came at the beginning of the first millennial day represented by darkness. Enoch, who walked with God and represented those who would reflect God’s light and be translated in the end, was born 622 years after creation, and lightened the rest of the millennium with truth. Adam was told,, “In the day you eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall surely die (Gen 2:17) and this was fulfilled in Adam only living 930 years old before the millennial day was over.

2nd day – The waters that covered the earth were separated into the waters above and the waters below in the earth which at 1656 years from creation, right in the midst of the symbolic 2nd millennial day, broke forth and came back together to cover the earth

3rd day – Dry land appears out of the waters – Israel is brought out of Egypt populated area goes through the waters of the Gulf of Aqaba into the uninhabited dry desert of the Midianites now Saudi Arabia. Vegetation is food for the creatures of the fifth and sixth days and in the wilderness both spiritual food as well as physical food came down… Torah given on Sinai is the spiritual food given to sustain us spiritually and show us the principles of life through the following millennium.

Seeds and plants – The patriarchs Avraham, Yitshaq and Ya’acov entered the promised land and in Avraham was the seed of Israel, likened to an olive tree.

4th day – Stars – Israel was prophesied to be as numerous as the stars in heaven.
Lights in the heavens… Daniel wrote about those with heavenly insights being like stars showing the signs and seasons of Elohim. God’s holy days which Yeshua fulfills exactly in order and on time can only be understood through observing and keeping Torah! Yeshua is the Light of the World and the Son of Righteousness who has put the time of both of His comings within His Father’s Holy Days known by the moon.

5th day – Creatures are created… The Messiah came and died in the symbolic 5th day to make us new creatures and we are a new creation in Messiah when we are grated into Israel the olive tree (Rom. 11) and enter into the new covenant experience of having YHVH’s Torah written on our hearts (Jer. 31:31) .

6th day – Man was created at the end of the sixth day in the image of God. Now at the end 6000 years it is time for us to be recreated in the image of God.
Man was told to be fruitful and multiply… In the last 1000 years mankind has multiplied and filled the earth. (There are more people alive today than all of the people in history put together!

7th day – Seventh day Sabbath rest. The Prince of Peace will return and rule the earth during the final Millennium of rest and peace from war, teaching peace, from the city of Peace.

To learn more on this beautiful prophecy hidden in the creation week watch the video below…

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  1. So exciting to see the story of mankind told from beginning to end. It really helps put life into perspective and is amazing that we are living so close to the fulfillment of the millennial sixth day and are getting ready to meet the Groom! Awesome teaching Sir!

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