The History and Symbolism of the Red Heifer

Overview and Background of Hashem’s instruction about the Red Heifer in Parashah Chukat On the 1st of Nissan, The mishkan’s last inauguration day, Hashem revealed to Moshe the laws regarding impure people who are expelled from the camp, and the purity laws of the kohanim priests. Hashem taught him how purification from the different types…

Tevilah and Mikvah

Tevilah and Mikvah During Biblical Times Tevilah is the Biblical act of immersing oneself in a natural living water source for ritual cleansing of sin and symbolizing death to the self-centered ego and rebirth to a new spiritual life of selfless love in harmony with the principles of God’s law of love – “Torah”. In…

St. Patrick a Messianic Torah keeper?

I originally wrote this article when I was in Ireland reaching out to the descendants of Israel there and having found new evidence to support that Patrick was not Catholic but a Torah observant believer! What many do not realize is that the first few centuries the church was still messianic and focused on reaching out to the lost sheep of the house of Israel much as Y’hoshua instructed and we are doing through the Assembly of Called-Out Believers and the Commonwealth of Israel organizations!