Quick teaching on Tisha B’Av…


  1. Kimberly Benedict

    Thank you so much for sharing this with me. This is the first time you have reached out to me….I started watching your Torah portions a few months ago. I feel like part of your assembly, and I learn so much. I had planned to fast after I come from Sabbath meeting. I am of one heart with you.
    Wish I lived closer to you, I am in Florida!

    • Shalom dear sister Kimberly thank you for your comment on our recent post! We are so thankful that you are being blessed by the teachings and we want you to know that feel like you are a part of the assembly and Eternal family as well!

      We have another sister who watches our livestream on Facebook every Shabbat at 11 am PST fb.me/calledoutbelievers from Boca Raton Florida  and we pray for all the Assembly of Called-Out Believers there in Florida as well as all over the world who are coming out of the false system of religion and returning to the ancient paths in the spirit of love and truth!  

      We pray abundant blessings upon you in every facet of your life including health and prosperity and protection and wisdom, emotionally, physically, spiritually and relationally and we look forward to keeping in touch!

      Blessings and ahavah,

      Pastor Isaac

      Assembly of Called-Out Believers 

  2. Kimberly Benedict

    I am blessed by all your teachings. This one taught me just how the acceptable way is to fast. Thank you for this..

  3. Rabbi Isaac,
    The sharing of your insights to the Torah are immeasurable. The depth of your knowledge and the love you exude as you present each Torah teaching and written study is a testimony of your relationship with Hashem and your calling to the world.
    Finding your website and all of your resources has been a wonderful blessing for me.

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