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What does it mean to be Grafted into Israel?

The Scriptures say that God has made a way for Gentiles to convert to the God of Israel and become a part of His people just like the example of the Egyptians, and Midianites who converted and stood with our fore-fathers receiving the covenant at Mount Sinai!  If you are cannot say for sure that you are Israel, consider coming into covenant with the God of Israel and being grafted-in and experience the blessings of being apart of G-d’s people!  Here is what the Bible says about being Grafted in…

Scriptural tests of a Prophet

The Scriptural Tests of a true Prophet… and how to Identify the False!

With all the recent “self-proclaimed” prophets and people with “messages from God” in different movements and on the internet and YouTube it is important for God’s people to use scriptural discernment and not be deceived.  The following eight tests of a true prophet we hope will help you not be swayed by every passing wind of false doctrine and misleading teachings based in speculation, originating in false “spirit” filled individuals and coming from various man-made religions.