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Yeshua and the Oral Torah

(The following excerpts come from Rabbi Yitzchak’s book available at Amazon) Many may be surprised to find out that Yeshua kept the Written Law, the Oral Law and the traditions of Judaism as a Jewish Rabbi.  Yeshua also taught his followers to do the same in Matt 23:3 saying, “All therefore, whatsoever, they [the Jewish…

Principles of Prayer

Thoughts on The National Day of Prayer – May 4th… Intercessory Prayer Each week we have a segment in our service called “Family Time” where we share one another’s burdens, prayer requests, answered prayers, as well as our testimonies and praises! Even if you are not able to be at service or you live too…

Leviticus 11 vs. Peter’s Vision about Unclean Animals in Acts 10

When it comes to God’s instructions on how to draw near to Him by being undefiled in our life we know that God is continually bringing us to live more sanctified and holy in our life (not less) and to be more purified as a bride without spot or blemish prepared to meet the bridegroom when he comes. Since God does not change and he has instructed us that eating unclean foods is not only defiling but also an abomination to him (Lev. 11), we cannot surmise that the revelation given to Peter is going to undermine God’s word which is established forever.