Don’t fall for the Lunar Sabbath deception…

There is no such thing as a lunar 7th day Sabbath on God’s calendar and there are many ways to disprove this false teaching…

The Sabbath is literally impossible to keep from a lunar counting method as there are not exactly 28 days in a lunar month, forcing some weeks to be more than 7 days, breaking the seven day mandated Sabbath cycle. The Sabbath started at creation which was simply observed every 7 days from then till now.

Simple proof #1: The “new” moon was created on the fourth day and Sabbath established on the seventh day, three days later.

The Jews in the first century observed the Sabbath on the 7th day which the Roman called Saturday (naming it after one of their panetary gods Saturn), as writings from that period testify to. With that being said, if the Sabbath was being observed on the wrong day, and the Sabbath was the fourth commandment on the top ten, I can assure you that Yeshua would have mentioned something, especially during the time where He was accused of breaking the Sabbath. That would have been the time to tell them that they were celebrating the Sabbath on the wrong day, but He didn’t.

Simple proof #2: Yeshua would have corrected the Jewish leaders in his day if they were keeping the wrong 7th day holy!.

Yeshua not only went to the synagogue and celebrated the Sabbath every single Saturday, but all of the disciples and their disciples did the same for hundreds of years without fail. If the lunar Sabbath was the valid Sabbath, then they would have been celebrating the lunar Sabbath. But they weren’t. The entire reason why Rome stamped approval on changing the Sabbath day to Sunday was BECAUSE the Jewish Christians were celebrating the Sabbath on Saturday.

Simple Proof #3: If the full moon was a weekly sabbath how could the 3rd day that Y’hoshua was in the tomb also be a weekly sabbath?

It can’t… For He died on passover and passover is always on the full moon on the 14th of Nisan… So 3 days later had to be the 17th of Nisan and scriptures say after the [7th day] sabbath was over, they came to the grave while it was yet dark and he had already risen… Thus disproving the lunar sabath the concept!

Although there is much more that could be said on this subject, this evidence alone invalidates the idea of the lunar Sabbath.

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Study by Rabbi Isaac. © 2020 Assembly of Called-Out Believers. Use by Permission.


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