Posts from 2020

Hanukkah and the Great Miracle that Happened on it!

Christmas is soon approaching—the season when much of the world erroneously celebrates the miracle birth of Yeshua (known to the Christian world as Jesus)… However, the great miracle of the Word made flesh did not begin with the birth but with the conception of Yeshua… and another celebration remembering the dedication of the Temple of Yah… Hanukkah!

The Dead Sea Scrolls

For years now Rabbi Isaac at the Assembly of Called-Out Believers has taught classes on the Dead Sea Scrolls and we have received much positive feedback that we wanted to share a little overview for others to learn about the Dead Sea Scrolls…

The bar kokhba revolt: The 9th of Av, Dual prophecies, and a false Messiah,

When the Jews rebelled against Roman rule, they believed that their leader, Shimonbar Koziva (also known as Bar Kochba), would fulfill their messianic longings. But their hopes were cruelly dashed on Tisha B’Av, 135 CE, as the Jewish rebels were brutally butchered in the final battle at Betar. The following account is from the Talmud (Gittin 57a–b): Because…