Coronavirus and Why Being Part of a Small Group is Good

Here at Assembly of Called-Out Believers, we want to help people learn to study the Scriptures. In a good small forum study, you will mature and you’ll have the chance to help others grow.

If you’re not already in a small group Bible study, consider joining one of ours.  There are at least three main reasons beside avoiding large groups during this time of “social-distancing” with the Coronavirus…

  1. Small group Bible studies help you study the Bible. We all need as much time with the Bible as possible, and a small group gives you extra exposure every week or so. Within your group you can (hopefully) find good examples of Bible study; this will accelerate your development and strengthen your faith and spiritual berean muscles. A good leader will ask questions that lead your group through the observation–interpretation–application process and help you to advance in each area
  2. Small group Bible studies remind you that you need other people. God has made us as relational, social beings who thrive in community. Because of our sin, relationships can be difficult, but without other people we shrivel up and dry out. We need contact with others from different ages and life situations to appreciate God’s faithful and diverse working throughout the body. I love listening to older faithful recount God’s consistent companionship, encouragement, and correction over the years.
  3. Small group Bible studies provide encouragement from others who are like-minded to apply what you are learning. We need community to apply the Scriptural truths and fellow mature truth-seekers and holy teachers also help us observe the important aspects of a Bible passage and interpret correctly. We need others to help us see what is true in the Bible—to sharpen, clarify, and correct what we think.

    In the same way that you need others, others also need you. Armed with solid Scriptural study principles, you can serve as an example or mentor for others in your small group.

    Finally, Scriptural study within a small group has a dynamic you cannot reproduce on your own. As you participate in discussion and share ideas, you take advantage of interaction, one of the distinctives of the setting.

During this time of uncertainty with the Coronavirus, why not get back to the basics of personal study of the Scriptures along with smaller group fellowships for encouragement… We know you will be blessed and encouraged!

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  1. Hi there, I live in lower mainland British Columbia, Canada, or greater Vancouver area. is there any place I can learn more and do you have your community here close to my place, but I am not Jewish longing to learn to know more about Jesus who died for me.

  2. I’m in central Texas. If anyone is interested please reach. I’m a beginner and I wish to do shabbats with someone else that has no issue with women using head covering. I used to go to a messianic place but the new preacher and his wife don’t honor our Elder Paul and Torah so we can’t use veils and tzitzits because we make other people stumble and veils were for prostitution and means rebellion.

  3. Hello! I am interested in joining a small group. It would be great if there were people to meet in person with. However, is there a group that meet on a Zoom meeting? I would be very interested in this! Blessings. George.

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