The Hidden Beauty of Biblical Hebrew

A Hidden Prophecy in Zephaniah 3:9 only seen when read in Hebrew

– by Rabbi Isaac (Intro to Hebrew video at bottom of the page)

Over the years in my study of Torah I have found some amazing anomalies confirming that Hebrew is God’s one true pure Heavenly tongue.  One of those interesting anomalies is found in a prophecy that God gives the prophet Zephaniah saying,

“For then I will restore to the peoples a pure language, that they all may call on the name of the Lord…” Zep. 3:9

One might at a surface reading question which language this is… but when we look deeper at the previous verse 8, we find God revealing the entire Hebrew Aleph-bet as it is the only verse in the Bible that contains the entire Hebrew alphabet!

Zephaniah 3:8 containing the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet… the verse just before the prophecy to return us to the pure language!

In addition, Hebrew has five special letters which are written differently at the ends of words called soffit, and all five of these soffit forms are contained within this one verse. In other words, right after this unique verse that lists the entire Hebrew alphabet, we find the statement that God will ‘restore a pure language’ to His people!

An Amazing History

In 1875, this same prophecy of Zephaniah was awakened within the heart of a young Jewish boy named Eliezer Ben Yehudah. This young man had a vision in which he heard a voice say ‘The Return of the People to the Land and the Language”. Eliezer realized that without one common language there could be no  true restoration of the whole House of Israel!

Despite having been diagnosed with terminal tuberculosis, Eliezer worked tirelessly for 40 years to revive the language.  He moved his family to Israel and when he arrived in 1881, Hebrew had not been the spoken language of the Jewish people since the time of the Bible. Yet, thanks to Ben-Yehuda, by 1922 enough Jewish pioneers were speaking Hebrew that the British Mandate authorities recognized it as the official language of Jews in Palestine.

The restoration of Hebrew has been nothing short of miraculous, and is unprecedented in world history. But why was the language restored? What did God reveal to Zephaniah was His purpose behind the restoration?

Zephaniah said the language of Hebrew would be restored, so that the ‘people may call on the Name of the Lord‘.   A name is always indicative of character, and God’s name, also known as the tetragramaton, is found to reveal His true character as the “self-existent father of love” only when spoken in the original Hebrew…

Hebrew and the Holy Name

In Numbers 6:24-27 God instructs Moses to tell Aaron how to bless His children by placing his name upon them and in so doing he would bless them. After years of studying the Hebrew and praying this blessing upon my children I was seeking the Lord in prayer asking him to reveal how to truly pronounce His name, for if the blessing comes inherently by placing His true name upon them then I wanted to know how to pronounce that true name. Immediately Father revealed to me that we have been adding to the Hebrew consonants in His name vowels that were not originally there, for before the Masoretic text we see there was no vowel points added to the Hebrew and when God’s name is said without adding any vowels to it, it finally comes alive with meaning and multiple characteristics are heard!  (For a more in-depth study on the subject of how to pronounce the Holy Name click here.)

God has indeed restored the Hebrew language so the peoples may call on Him!  May we seek to not only call upon His name but in so doing behold His beautiful character and be changed back into His likeness!  May the below introductory video on the Hebrew Aleph-bet below excite you to see Hebrew in a whole new light and how it relates to everything in the cosmos on a whole new level and may it inspire you to return to the one pure tongue, the heavenly language, Hebrew!

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Study by Rabbi Isaac. © Assembly of Called-Out Believers. Use by Permission.


  1. Hello, my name is Dori Lou and I have wondered what the Fathers name was all my life. I have started to learn hebrew to try to find the name. At least I know Elohim means gods {plural} but I have so many pronunciations that I stick to YaHWeH, I have changed my music to Yahweh or Yeshuah as i sing and play, no longer calling our Almighty Sovereign Creator, Lord or God, since He put His name in the bible almost 7,000 times I want to know how to pronounce it. Thank You for this information, may Yah bless you!

  2. I loved the introductory study and want more. How can I get more? Some of the comments I could not hear (by the man in the audience) and was sorry I missed them. Do you have your material available for printing, so I can look at it longer? I am so glad I found your site. It is JUST what I wanted. I have done Hebrew courses, but they have never given me what I have been looking for. I am a bit rusty now, but not lost my love for Hebrew. Hope to hear more.

    • Yes, Deuteronomy 4:34 (recited at Passover) does have all 22 of the hebrew letters but not all 5 of the soffit letters as does Zephaniah 3:9.

  3. I appreciate so much your programs and as a former Baptist pastor I appreciate the pure Word as found in the Hebrew.

  4. My heart just sings when I started listened to your teachings, thanking HaShem for bringing me to such sound and excellent teachings. I am a former catholic/baptist/pentecostal. Now I am a messianic follower of Yeshua, and I am home. Thank you so much for your dedication to the Word and to Yeshua!!

  5. Is there anyway to track down which tribe people holding my surname Castellano(pronounced Kas-tay-yano) Spain is from? All I know it’s my great grand father is from Spain and my great grand mother was a Cacique Carib(Amerindian)… Trying to trace my Jewish ancestry. But there’s no one alive that I can speak to about them. Thank you and Shalom🙏🙏

    • Shalom brother, from the looks of your ancient coat of arms in Spain with the castle, it reflects the heraldry and symbol on the banner of the tribe of Simeon… although you could have more than one tribe of Israel through intermarriage over the years. Hope this helps.. sending Abba’s love to you and yours!

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