The Image of God and Man’s True Core Identity

The importance of Understanding God in the context of Our true Divine Identity and the prophetic concept behind man being created in the image of God at the end of the sixth day!

God is spirit…

That spirit is conscience selfless love and the core essence of life itself.

Man’s core essence and identity is imbued with that same spirit from the Source. Man’s error and downfall is in believing that his outward appearance and behavior is his identity rather than the spirit of love that dwells within. That spirit is the true identity and the body is just an outward shell or vessel to house that spirit as a temple.

A man’s outward appearance and behavior is just the natural byproduct of his thought Energy. All energy manifests as matter in the physical relm. The Eternal source of life and Creator of all things created man in His image to think and speak things (matter) into existence.

When that thinking consciousness aligns more with the false identity rather than with the true, one becomes blinded and limited in a false paradigm which stunts his true core spirit essense from truly manifesting as light.

Beholding real unconditional selfless love is the only true motivator for an individual’s change… as it is the catalyst for one’s focus to rise above the negative harmful frequencies of fear, guilt and shame and empowers one through hope, to transcend by changing the focus back to the Source, and infusing courage to believe in the power of the positive healing frequencies of love, joy and peace leading to light and enlightenment.

Neither the reward of Heaven nor the fear of hell are true motivators that effect true lasting change but through the revelation of real unconditional love, one is encourageaged to grow spiritually and change!”

Because life has its origins in a spirit devoid of self that manifests as pure energy we call light, all forms of self and self-seeking cause self-destruction, as it is the absence of light, which we call darkness, which opposes and eventually severs one from the Life Source.

The purpose of this life is for us each to learn from the cause and effect lessons of living “in” or “out” of harmony with the Source of Selfless Love and allow ourself to be restored to a being of selfless light through acts of kindness, service and love.

Now let’s take this thought process into a deeper understanding of Messiah. If we make Messiah simply human, we will be under the illusion of believing that we too are only human. But if we can see with spiritual eyes, that which Messiah saw, that he is truly from the Divine source and that we too are children of the One Divine spirit then we can truly be free from the illusion and recognize our true identity!

This was what he was revealing to save the world from… to rescue us from the illusion of the ego which only focuses on itself and is the false identity, as much as his sacrifice, which is an example of how to die to the flesh (self) and at the same time a reflection of God’s Spirit of selfless Divine love.. and in doing so was revealing he recognized he and the Father are one! Therefore to have the mind of Christ means we to must seek to save the world by helping them realize that their core identity and essence is the same Spirit of Divine love and that we all were created to be beings of selfless unconditional love unified with all things and divided with none! This is truly what it means to be recreated in God’s Divine image and now is the time… just as Adam was created in the image of God at the end of the sixth day so too are we to be we created in the image of God here and now at the end of the sixth Millennial day in preparation of the age of Moshiach!

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Study by Rabbi Isaac. © 2020 Assembly of Called-Out Believers. Use by Permission.


  1. I listen to you VERY OFTEN and I appreciate you sharing what Abba Father through his Holy Spirit give you to share but I’m very disappointed. I want to hear the Hebrew side of Daniel, I put Daniel in the search engine, it comes back showing results 14 but NOTHING ABOUT DANIEL. HOW DO I FIND THE RESULTS SO FRUSTRATING TO SPEND HOURS CLICKING AND NOTHING. WHERE ARE THE RESULTS?

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