Your True Identity, Purpose and Destiny

The scriptures say that we were created in the image of God the problem is people have lost sight of what that is…


God is Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”  – John 4:24

That spirit is conscious selfless love and the core essence of life itself.


YaHaVaH is Ahavah” – I John 4:8

Man’s core essence and identity is imbued with that same spirit from the Source.  Man’s error and downfall is in believing that his outward appearance (the physical vessel for the Spirit) and his behavior is his identity rather than the spirit of love that dwells within.  Yah’s Spirit of unconditional selfless Ahavah (Love) is the true identity and the body is just an outward shell or vessel to house that spirit as a temple.

A man’s outward appearance and behavior is just the natural byproduct of his thought Energy.   All energy manifests as matter in the physical relm.   The Eternal source of life and Creator of all things created man in His image (spirit characteristics) to think and speak things (matter) into existence.

When our thinking consciousness aligns more with the false identity rather than with the true, one becomes blinded and limited in a false paradigm which stunts our true core spirit essence from truly manifesting as light.

Beholding real unconditional selfless love is the only true motivator for an individual’s change… as it is the catalyst for one’s focus to rise above the negative harmful frequencies of fear, guilt and shame and empowers one through hope,  to transcend by changing the focus back to the Source, and infusing the courage to believe in the power of the positive healing frequencies of love, joy and peace leading to light and enlightenment.


Because life has its origins in a spirit devoid of self that manifests as pure energy we call light, all forms of self and self-seeking sever oneself from the source of life and therefore cause self-destruction, as it is the absence of light, which we call darkness, which opposes the “selfless Source” and thus eventually leads to death.


light and love

IDENTITYwhy is it so important?

If you don’t know who you really are than you cannot fulfill your purpose as a spiritual being of LOVE and you can’t have a real (intimate) relationship with the source of that LOVE… Creator God, YHVH AHAVAH!

Who are you at your core? LOVE – We are created to be the Called-Out Bride of God, made in His Spirit of Love and intended to be One in His Love!

That they all may be one (echad); as You Father are in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one...” – Jn. 17:21

Check out our study entitled, “Discovering your Diving Identity

PURPOSE – knowing what you are created to be doing…

Why is it so important?

If we don’t know our true purpose on the earth than we are liable to be sidetracked, disillusioned, disappointed, and feel hopeless, frustrated, angry and even suicidal.

Purpose ties into my Identity…
Question: Who am I and why I am here and why I was born?


We were created as beings of LIGGT and LOVE for intimate relationship with the Divine Source… to be selflessly loving givers after His likeness!

Purpose has to do with the meaning of life…

It is about returning to who you are… which is LOVE

The purpose of this life is for us each to learn from the cause and effect lessons of living “in” or “out” of harmony with the Source of Selfless Love and to allow ourself to be restored to a being of selfless light through acts of kindness, service and love.

DESTINY – it is your future and relates to hope, breeds confidence and buids assurance.

Fulfilling your Destiny is based on recognizing your purpose and true identity… which provides long-term stability and significance, which transcends the immediate fluctuations of life.

Destiny ties in with where am I going? Knowing that as a being of light and love, I be ONE with the Divine Source again!

For more info on discovering your Divine Identity check out our study called “Discovering your Divine Identity

Study by Pastor Isaac. © 2017 Assembly of Called-Out Believers.
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  1. Thank you for sharing. the phenomenal “downloads” He sends you. Praying for His pinions to remain over you and the congregation.

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